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The PISCES project depends on the involvement of a core group of 25-30 stakeholders from England, Wales, Ireland, France and Spain, who will represent a range of key activities that occur in the Celtic Sea*.

They will have the opportunity to work collaboratively to develop guidelines for delivering an ecosystem approach to marine management. National and EU legislation is increasingly requiring this type of approach and those involved in the PISCES project will be at the forefront of translating policy into practical implementation.

The project includes stakeholders from:

  • Renewable energy
  • Commercial fisheries
  • Mariculture
  • Shipping
  • Ports
  • Offshore infrastructure (cable laying etc)
  • Coastal tourism & recreation
  • Marine aggregates
  • Environmental statutory agencies

Ambassadors for their sector
The stakeholder group will act as ambassadors for their sector, helping to spread news about PISCES, lessons learnt and the final guidelines to wider stakeholders in their sector and beyond.

What’s in it for them?
Participants will be involved in a project that puts stakeholders first and will act as an example of best practice for other areas in EU waters and beyond. They will have the opportunity to help shape emerging marine policy and practice, as well as develop a shared understanding with other sectors on the risks and opportunities for delivering an ecosystem approach in the Celtic Sea*.

The stakeholders will also gain insight into likely EU legislative requirements concerning the ecosystem approach which will give them an opportunity to think about how their activities can be adapted in preparation for these changes and so ensure a long-term future for their sector.

* includes Western Channel

Fishing boats

The PISCES Guide

The PISCES project stakeholders represent a range of key activities that occur in the Celtic Sea.

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