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Stakeholder intranet

PISCES is a stakeholder-led project.

The project stakeholders will be developing practical guidelines which they can follow to help manage their activities in the Celtic Sea* more sustainably. Through a series of workshops, they'll be defining an ecosystem approach, building a common level of understanding of the measures and opportunities facing the multiple sectors that operate in the area and creating a set of guidelines aligned to marine policy. It will be up to the stakeholders to shape the project.

To support this, we've created a stakeholder intranet. This is a secure part of the website where stakeholders can share information and exchange messages.

Please note this intranet is only accessible to our core group (25-35 people) of PISCES stakeholders. However we want to ensure that everybody with an invested interest in protecting the Celtic Sea* has an opportunity to keep in touch with the project and use the end guidelines. If you would like to hear from us, please sign up to our newsletter.

* includes Western Channel

Fishing boats

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