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Sharing what we learnt

PISCES will provide an invaluable example of using the ecosystem approach for marine management for other marine regions outside of the Celtic Sea*, as emerging policies are put into practice.

We maintain close interactions with industry, government, statutory agencies and related projects across the UK, Ireland, France and Spain as well as reaching wider into the European Union and beyond.

Our core stakeholders are ambassadors for their sector and will help to disseminate the final guidelines, encouraging people to adopt this shared approach. This website will become a major resource to help promote and disseminate the guidelines.

November 2011: Progress report: 4th workshop

The fourth PISCES workshop took place in Dorking, the UK, 8-9 November 2011. Stakeholdes from multiple sectors and countries focused on 'Applying the guidelines to the Celtic Sea'*. They shared information and experience about a range of voluntary initiatives for improving sustainability, which are currently being conducted by marine users in the Celtic Sea*. The stakeholders dentified aspects of the current initiatives that could be replicated across or in collaboration with other sectors to increase their sustainable impact; to work towards ecosystem based marine management.

June 2011: Progress report: 3rd workshop

The third PISCES workshop took place in Dinard, France 15-16 June, 2011. Stakeholders from mlutiple sectors across Ireland, France and the UK met to refine and consolidate the work completed so far on the PISCES guidelines. Stakeholders gained further knowledge of other ecosystem-based marine management initiatives, including stakeholder-led projects, to enhance understanding of how the approach could work in the Celtic Sea* context.

Stakeholder engagement case study films

This series of films showcases practical examples of environmental management for projects in France, Scotland, England and the U.S. The range of stakeholder-led projects shows how collaboration makes a real difference and shapes the outcomes to benefit both the environment and people.

9 December 2010: Progress report: 2nd workshop

PISCES held its second workshop on 23-24 November 2010. Stakeholders representing multiple sectors and countries met to start drafting PISCES guidelines.

September - October 2010: Online tutorials

PISCES ran two bespoke tutorials for our core stakeholder group. One on marine spatial planning and one on the latest European Marine Policy.

8 June 2010: Progress report: 1st workshop

PISCES held its first workshop 10-13 May, 2010. Stakeholders representing multiple sectors and countries met for the first time to open discussions on the ecosystem approach and define ecosystem principles for the PISCES guidelines.

* includes Western Channel


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