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Sharing the values of the PISCES experience

Posted by Ashley Clarke on 13/12/12 00:00 AM

PISCES is one of a number of projects within the LIFE+ Programme dealing with key environmental challenges facing European society. For projects whose focus is to foster a better understanding of how we interact with our natural environment and how to progress sustainability, the sharing of experiences and lessons is vitally important.

The MARMONI project, an initiative also funded under LIFE+, aims to develop innovative approaches for marine biodiversity monitoring and conservation assessment in the Baltic Sea; the project held an international seminar during November in Tallinn and asked for a presentation on PISCES to be included as part of the event.

The seminar focused on the role of stakeholder engagement in the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, and was attended by over seventy delegates representing the public and private sectors within the countries of the Baltic region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Germany).

Stakeholder engagement is not a new phenomenon in marine management, but it is one thing to recognise its value and another to implement and deliver stakeholder participation – this is one of the reasons the audience were particularly eager to hear of the PISCES experience and its success in the Celtic Sea.

The PISCES Guide received very positive feedback from delegates, but the process behind the development of the Guide and the methods for getting stakeholders involved at the outset were the key points of discussion. Sarah Twomey of the CMRC, Ireland – who presented PISCES at the seminar – feels it “just shows that many of Europe’s regions are facing comparable issues in terms of the marine environment and this is why it is important to share experiences and transfer good practice – PISCES has been very successful in stakeholder engagement at the regional level and can provide a lot of practical advice to other initiatives with a similar aim or focus”. Details of the seminar can be found at marmoni.balticseaportal.net

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