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Project team

Guide development:

Toby Roxburgh, Co-ordinating author, PISCES Policy Liaison Officer, WWF-UK

Dr Lyndsey Dodds, PISCES Project Manager, WWF-UK

Design coordination:

Jane Ewing, PISCES Communications Officer, WWF-UK

Stakeholder engagement:

Tim Morrell, Lead Facilitator, The Environment Council

Erica Sutton, Engagement Coordinator, The Environment Council

Spanish coordination:

Jose Luis Garcia Varas, Head of Marine, WWF Spain

Carlota Viada, PISCES Officer, WWF Spain

French Coordination:

Kristian Teleki, Vice President, SeaWeb

Dr Daria Siciliano, Director of Science, SeaWeb

Elisabeth Vallet, European Director Seafood Choice Alliance, SeaWeb

Irish Coordination:

Cathal O’Mahoney, Research Scientist, Coastal and Marine Research Centre

Sarah Twomey, Environmental Scientist, Coastal and Marine Research Centre

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