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What will we achieve?

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We aim to introduce the ecosystem approach to marine management across a number of countries, cultures and sectors that will be relevant and useful to people operating within and around the Celtic Sea* (stakeholders). The key to the success of this project is The PISCES Guide, launched in October 2012.

Our three specific aims are:

  1. To bridge the knowledge gap by developing an understanding of the ecosystem approach with stakeholders.
  2. To produce the stakeholder-led PISCES Guide for implementing the ecosystem approach to manage activities in the Celtic Sea*, which can then be disseminated and applied throughout other maritime regions in the EU.
  3. To challenge existing and test new creative methodologies and processes for stakeholder engagement.


We have been working with people who represent a number of sectors that use the Celtic Sea* to support them in:

  • understanding how different sectors interact with each other to identify potential problems and solutions;
  • improving communications and sharing best practice;
  • analysing evidence and identifying where change can be most effective;
  • developing their own practical guidelines so they can collectively operate and manage the region in a sustainable way; and
  • persuading people to take responsibility for their seas.

* includes Western Channel

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