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Understanding marine policy

In order to manage their actions sustainably, people first need to understand the policy that guides and governs them. This section provides a simple overview of European marine policy and will be expanded as the project develops.

An online Marine Spatial Planning tutorial

This online tutorial gives an overview of marine spatial planning in the Celtic Sea*. Produced especially for the PISCES stakeholders in 2010, it was a key tool to ensure the stakeholders have the best understanding of the legislation that will influence their activities and also the planning tools that are available to them.

It includes a presentation from a renowned expert on MSP - Charles Ehler who is a consultant to UNESCO, an international case study from Massachusetts, USA, concluding with a presentation from an EC DG MARE expert on MSP.

* includes Western Channel


  • How to become a 'maritime specialist' - A brief introduction to marine spatial planning
  • An international perspective on marine spatial planning - Charles Ehler, President, Ocean Vision
  • An international case study: Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan - Deerin Babb-Brott, Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
  • A European perspective on marine spatial planning: achieving common principles in the EU - Hermien Busschbach, DG MARE

Thank you to Deerin Babb-Brott for allowing us access to her presentation on the Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan.

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