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8. Stakeholder actions

Types of stakeholder action

Implementing the ecosystem approach will require a shift towards fully integrated management of human activities in the Celtic Sea. This will take time and cannot necessarily be achieved through the MSFD alone. In the meantime, Celtic Sea stakeholders can proactively identify issues and implement their own solutions, and encourage others to do so. Voluntary action could bring substantial benefits, and negate the need for regulation.

Stakeholders can take voluntary action either independently or in collaboration with others, although action across whole sectors or more than one sector will carry greater weight. Actions need not necessarily be radical or costly. Even minor changes can be beneficial, especially if they are taken up across a sector, with other sectors, or within an entire region.

It is vital that stakeholders communicate their plans, activities, needs and concerns, so that learning is shared, developed and expanded, and governments recognise the role of stakeholders’ actions. A regional stakeholder forum could help with this. Stakeholders can also advocate action by others, including other stakeholders and government.

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