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PISCES recommendations

Stakeholders should…

  • Take individual actions in their sector or area to improve sustainability and reduce the need for new regulations.
  • Incorporate ecosystem services into management practice, e.g. through EIAs.
  • Take collaborative action with other sectors to improve sustainability and share data and information.
  • Participate actively in a stakeholder forum.
  • Communicate what actions are being taken, what they are achieving and what their benefits are.

Governments should…

  • Provide incentives to private sector sustainability efforts – but be clear that if voluntary approaches don’t work, then government will step in.
  • Support research and development of valuation of ecosystem services and promote the concept.
  • Create incentives for sectors to collaborate and support sharing of data, including government data.
  • Support development of a stakeholder forum.
  • Support voluntary actions in the programmes of measures.

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