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New mechanisms for stakeholder participation

Lessons from PISCES

There is an urgent need for a more strategic approach to participation in the MSFD and wider marine policy and management. PISCES stakeholders believe a transnational, multi-sector forum is needed to foster greater communication, cohesion and integration across borders and sectors. If established at the scale of the Celtic Seas sub-region (as identified in the MSFD), a forum could form an integral part of the implementation strategy and, potentially, longer-term management of the area.

“There is a need for an integrated multi-sector stakeholder platform to represent marine sectors that may be affected.” (Marine leisure sector)

PISCES has already made progress in bringing together a multi-sector, transnational group of stakeholders (over the southern portion of the Celtic Seas sub-region).

PISCES stakeholders consider that a strong case exists for ensuring the continued existence and further development of this group on a sub-regional basis.

Similar stakeholder forums have been proposed for the Greater North Sea sub-region (see case study 7) and the Irish Sea, and there are other examples of regional forums elsewhere in Europe, including the Baltic Sea.

Case study 8: North Sea Maritime Forum

A multi-stakeholder consortium, led by the Scottish government (Marine Scotland), has proposed a stakeholder forum for the North Sea, building on work by the North Sea Fisheries Partnership and the North Sea Regional Advisory Council. The North Sea Maritime Forum would be a long-lasting stakeholder platform to identify opportunities and develop a common perspective for the North Sea and its coastal areas.

The forum would bring together all stakeholders engaged in, on and around the North Sea by establishing a transnational partnership working to support coordinated marine spatial planning and use of the resources. All partners, small or large, would share equal responsibility. National administrations and the EC would have an observer status on the forum and sectors operating in the North Sea would be offered membership.

Marine Scotland is expected to provide the financial and administrative management of the project, but at the time of writing the forum is awaiting funding.

PISCES Workshop 5, Madrid

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