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6. Step-by-step implementation

The following sections explore the role of stakeholders at each step of the MSFD implementation in the Celtic Sea to comply with the principles of the ecosystem approach as closely as possible. Five steps are identified:

For each step, the following are provided:

  • MSFD requirements relevant to the ecosystem approach.
  • Implementation in the Celtic Sea: progress to date and key considerations for future implementation.
  • How stakeholders could be affected.
  • How stakeholders can participate and influence.
  • PISCES recommendations to other stakeholders and policy-makers

In addition, PISCES has identified two cross-cutting themes:

More detailed guidance is given on the two themes in later sections.

In all the following sections, recommendations are made to stakeholders and governments. Stakeholders range from major industry groups with links to government, to those who operate at a smaller scale with little sectoral coherence. All stakeholders should be involved in implementing the MSFD, with greater cross-sectoral collaboration and government support.